The gun in the fatal shooting attack in Beit Arava, came from Iraq and probably also leaked to the smuggling mechanisms of Iran and Hezbollah.

The gun in the fatal shooting attack in Beit Arava, came from Iraq and probably also leaked to the smuggling mechanisms of Iran and Hezbollah.

“Intelli Times” blog investigation reveals that the latest series of attacks in the Jericho area raises a connection between the criminal smuggling mechanism run by the “Palestine Department” of the “Quds Force” together with Hezbollah and Palestinian partners who help move the weapons into Israeli territory. Some of those weapons were identified as small arms that were transferred to pro-Western forces in Iraq and Syria and later ended up in the hands of Shiite militias and illegal arms trade.

On February 27, 2023, 26-year-old Ilan Ganels, a 27-year-old American citizen, was murdered during a “rolling shooting attack” on Highway 90, near the Beit Arava intersection. The pursuit of the terrorists ended after only 48 hours, during a raid on the Palestinian camp Aqbat Jaber near Jericho and the capture of the two terrorists, the elimination of another and the capture of some members of the Hamas network that operated in the area. In the operation, a “D.D.G” made gun was also seized which was in the possession of the terrorists and was used by the terrorists in carrying out the attack and probably also two other attempts in the same area.

In recent years, some of the light weapons smuggled through Israel’s borders come from military stockpiles (guns and rifles) that were probably produced in the West and transferred to pro-Western forces such as the Kurds and others during the fight against ISIS. This aid is also identified with weapons observed in the arena of Iraq (Mosul and Erbil) and Syria (Idlib) and branded as produced by “Delta Defense Group” (D.D.G) – an unknown company with American brand muffins. The company’s logo makes use of the “Delta Force” symbol of the US Army’s special forces, but the models themselves do not bear any recognizable identification but appear to be imitation versions of guns and weapons produced in several countries in our region such as: “Glock 19”, “Cherokee Compact C5” and “M4”.

Examining the origin of the gun that killed Ilan Ganels identifies it as one of those guns, a “Cherokee Compact C5” model, of the mysterious company “D.D.G”, which were first identified in Erbil and Mosul in Iraq already during 2019 and later leaked to the “black market” or were seized by forces from “The umbrella organization of the Shiite militias in Iraq” and through them, in light of similar perceptions also on the Lebanese border, probably also to the arms smuggling mechanism managed by the “Palestine Department” of the “Quds Force” through “units for military support to the resistance” such as “Unit 1800”, “the unit of Abu Jihad” and the criminal mechanism of the Hezbollah organization, either through the border in southern Lebanon or through the border between Jordan and Israel.

In Israel, they are well aware of the problem of illegal drug and drug smuggling, but admit that the Jordanian border is breached in such a way that all smuggling cannot be thwarted. ).

On February 25, following the thwarting of drug smuggling from the Lebanese border near Zareit, the blog revealed that “Said Izadi” the head of the “Palestinian branch” of the Iranian “Quds Force” in Lebanon, established a “criminal mechanism” headed by “Hajj Khalil Harev” – a former senior member of the unit Hezbollah’s “1800” with a Palestinian partner identified as “Bassem Abu Jihad” for the purpose of smuggling drugs and weapons into Israeli territory, as part of the desire to support the terrorist infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

It is likely that Israel is also working against the Jordanian security forces, the Central Command of the US Army and the US counter-terrorism headquarters.

It is worth noting that the IDF revealed that during 2021 it intercepted two Iranian drones carrying backpacks with guns that were intended to be dropped at collection points for terrorist networks in Israel. The interception, it was reported, was carried out by “Adir” F-35 planes, still outside Israel’s airspace, after they took off from Iraqi territory.

Recently in Jordan, they claimed that Hezbollah established a branch of the “criminal apparatus” in southern Syria, near the border crossing with Jordan and Israel, and through it, with the help of the 4th Brigade of the Syrian Army, it manages the axis of smuggling drugs and weapons into and out of Jordan, it is also possible to assume the Palestinian and Bedouin smuggling network On the border of Israel and from there to a number of settlements that sit on Highway 90 that descends from the Beit Shean valley towards Jericho and the Dead Sea, including Aqbat Jaber, Ojah a-Tatta and Zubidat, in the vicinity of which gun smuggling has already been caught in the past year. According to the Jordanians, the reward for the smugglers is achieved in exchange for drugs produced in Syria.

Government officials we met in Iraq claimed in the past that Israel supplies weapons to the forces in Iraq. This opinion is also shared by a number of weapons bloggers who studied the weapons by comparing them with the products of the weapons industries and found an almost complete match with some of the models also produced by the military industry.

If there is indeed a connection, then it is possible that the weapons were supplied to a “third party” and later passed into the wrong hands and from there through illegal trade, to elements such as Hezbollah, which flood the territories with means of warfare for terrorist purposes.


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