New details on the “Nowrozi mechanism” – the logistical setup that supports Hezbollah’s missile precision project

The “Intelli Times” blog reveals how the “Nowrozi mechanism” is managed and financed, which was revealed following the logistical assistance it provides to Hezbollah’s missile precision project in Syria and Lebanon, as well as the route of the money that finances the project.

On February 10, 2022, “Radio Farda” – the Farsi channel of Radio Free Europe, revealed an audio file (recording) about an hour long, originating from a recording that was uploaded on January 29, 2020 on a Telegram account called “OhNews” and documenting a confidential discussion held during 2017 in Muhammad’s office Jaafari (in those days, commander of the Revolutionary Guards) and Sadiq (Mirzhasan) Zolkhdarnia, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards for economic and reconstruction matters. The tape states that according to the Supreme Leader’s order that the purpose of the MoSHAM’s economic activity should be focused mostly on assisting the Quds Force beyond the official security budget of the forces.

In the discussion, the concern arose that elements in the financial arm of the Revolutionary Guards were using the budget for personal gain. At the center of the conversation were the names of Muhammad Bakr Khalibaf, at that time in the position of mayor of Tehran, his friend, the commander of the Quds Force in those days – Qassem Soleimani, the lieutenant – Ismail Kaani, the deputy commander of the shifts for coordination matters and Hossein Taib – the head of the intelligence organization of the shifts.

The names of factors that influence the “Cooperation Fund of the Revolutionary Guards” – an economic corporation owned by the Revolutionary Guards, which controls a long list of bodies, companies and industries that finance the activities of the Revolutionary Guards but also manage projects to develop various weapons for the land, sea and air arms of the Revolutionary Guards – have also come up. the revolution The head of the foundation was identified at the time, Hamid Norouzi (a relative) and for the first time the names of Brigadier General Ali Askar Norouzi came to mind – at that time, the vice president of “Amed” for preparedness and support research and industrial research of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, alongside Brigadier General Ali Abdullahi (pictured), in those days, on the standard of the Deputy Coordinator of Support and Industrial Research of the General Headquarters of AMN.

Ali Norouzi will be revealed for the first time in Israel, on August 29, 2019 as an officer with the rank of brigadier general who assists through the Revolutionary Guards’ logistics and technology division for Hezbollah’s missile precision project on the soil of Syria and Lebanon.

In July 2022, an intelligence leak to the “Iran International” channel will identify him as the head of the “Nowrozi mechanism” – a mechanism he established to support the transfer of advanced technologies and weapons to Iran’s affiliates in the Middle East and in their center, Syria and Lebanon. The information about Nowrozi and his assistants will be published on the Persian-language channel The results of the investigation of Yadollah Hadmati, who was kidnapped, interrogated and released in Operation Omoz, was filmed by those who were described as “an affiliate of the Israeli Mossad.” The field investigation, it was claimed, provided the information about “Norouzi” and the mechanism he established.

Now the “Intelli Times” blog reveals that the “hot tape” from that discussion during 2017 in the Revolutionary Guards, already revealed in 2020, military components that were not known at the time it was revealed and were mainly focused on the corruption case. Now, in the full transcript of the tape, it is possible to learn about the mechanism that Norouzi managed as part of a project to develop medium and long-range missiles for the resistance arms of the “Quds Force” in the Middle East, and that he also served as vice president for readiness and support. It also appears that the project was funded by the Revolutionary Guards, with funds The Fund for the Cooperation of the Revolutionary Guards”.

The fund, which was established in 2015 and is located on the Nayaish road in Tehran, focuses on various projects, including construction, but also on industries that make it possible to support military projects. In the recorded discussion, the interaction between the various factors is revealed, including the involvement of the Intelligence Division of the Revolutionary Guards and the Information Protection Organization. During the discussion already in 2017, the name of Ali Norouzi comes up as the “Vice President of AMED – the supply line for the readiness and support of the Revolutionary Guards” entrusted with a project to develop and build a missile rocket through the engineer “Bijan Ranjbar” – in those days, Vice President for Research Technologies and Innovation at Azad University. In this framework, a military-funded project is described, with an expedited procedure of one to two years, and that at that time several experiments were already carried out at a site near the city of Varamin, among the mountains, and that the missile/rocket hit the target with an accuracy of 5 meters. It also emerged from the transcript of the discussion that Nowrozi is the one receiving the check for financing the project and to speed it up Norozi used the services of Bijan Ranjbar (pictured) – Vice President for Research of Azad University – Technological Training University.


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